Vienna, Austria

UPDATE: They made the finals!!!

The Curaçaon singer Tamara Nivillac graced the red carpet in Vienna together with a delegation from Azerbaijan for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contests inaugural ceremony that too place on May 17th.  Over 40 different countries in Europe take part and compete for the title. The semi finals will be transmitted live across Europe and has viewership of over 180 million.

 This year the Eurovision contest is celebrating it’s 60th anniversary and claims its position as one of the longest standing song competition and television programs in the world.


Tamara was discovered by the Delegation of Azerbaijan through social networks and stood out to the for her soulful voice and accepted the opportunity presented t her to participate in the competition as together with two other vocalists from Switzerland and he United States. They will be doing back up vocals for the Azerbajanian delegation’s own Elnur Husernov that will be preforming the song “Hour of Wolf”. Elnur Husernov, is not unknown to the music world, he was the winner of the “The Voice” competition in Turkey in 2015.

After many intense, rehearsals, preparations  with vocal directors, ake up artist stylist backup dancers and all Tamara is currently in Vienna for the final preparations, and adjustments to the shows that will be taking place on the 21st and 23rd of May.

E kantante kurasoleño Tamara Nivillac a subi red carpet na Vienna huntu ku delegashon di Azerbaijan pa e seremonia inougural di Eurovision Song Contest 2015 ku a tuma luga riba djadumingu 17 di mei.

Eurovision Song Contest ta un kompetensia di kanto di kual mas ku 40 pais den Eropa ta tuma parti di dje. E semi final i final ta wòrdú transmití live na televishon rònt Eropa i tin un sintonia di mas ku 180 miyon espektador. 

E aña aki Eurovision Song Contest ta selebrá su di 60 aniversario i ta reafirmá su posishon komo un di e programanan di televishon ku mas aña di eksistensia na mundu. E grupo di Suesia, ABBA ta un di e ganadónan mas popular i eksitoso den historia di Eurovision Song Contest.

Tamara a wòrdú remarká i aserká pa e delegashon di Azerbaijan via di medionan sosial dor di su bos “soulful” i a aseptá e reto pa tuma parti  na e kompetensia aki komo vokalista huntu ku dos vokalista di Suisia i Merka. Nan lo duna respaldo vokal na e kantante prinsipal pa e delegashon aki ku ta Elnur Huseynov ku lo interpretá e kansion “Hour of Wolf”.  Elnur Husernov no ta deskonosí den e mundu musikal, e ta ganadó di “The Voice 2015” na Turkia. 

Despues di ensayonan intenso na Suesia huntu ku stilista, makijadó, bailadónan, instruktor vokal, vokalistanan i demas miembronan di e delegashon, Tamara ta na Vienna aktualmente pa e lastu preparashonan i ahustenan pa e shownan ku lo tuma luga riba 21 i 23 di mei.

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