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I had to bring this song back. It was posted by the group KiT ( Kuenta i Tambu) in December of 2014. Santa Elektra burns the barrier between African root rhythms ( known as Tambú) from the Antilles and electronic music. The result. Hotness. Tambu is both the name of the instrument (african drum) as well as a fusion of musical elements brought over to the caribbean islands from West African during slavery times. Curacaoan people identify very deeply with the sounds and messages carried through the tradition of call and return style performances and after Sundown events at the end of each calendar year.

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Youtube info:

Published on Dec 8, 2014

Music by Kuenta i Tambu
Director/Camera/Color: Selwyn de Wind
Production: Selwyn de Wind & Angela Roe
Camera assistent: Ryan Navarro
Editor: Ryan Navarro

More about Kuenta i Tambu:

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