WILLEMSTAD: Unforgettable performances, logistical stress, adult acne breakouts, good food, amazing conversations and learning how to move in unison withAnthony Hamilton and his crew. Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival is a yearly roller-coaster ride, where we try to tap into the festival spirit, by getting up close and personal with an amazing artist, while exposing them to the many amazing facets of Curaçao – without acting like a band aid.

As a 15+ year entertainment veteran, I’ve paid my dues in this industry, and I can honestly say I love the fact that I get to tap into the minds of musical geniuses such as Hamilton and Wyclef Jean and try to figure out what makes them tick. It’s not easy to manage the constant picture requests and hold ups, and Anthony Hamilton does it so effortlessly. However, patience is imperative when you hang out with such an amazing and chill crew. You thought island people have their own time? You have yet to be acquainted to Hamilton time! It’s beautiful to witness when an artist lets its guard down and starts to relax like us islanders do. I tried to prepare them, no… Curaçao people won’t get hysterical, and yes they know who you are…we’re just cool like that! “Hey swa, un ta Anthony Hamilton esei?”

Last Sunday, we took Hamilton and his crew on a small road trip to Band’abou, where we had lunch at Jaanchie’s and later had an amazing time jamming under the trees of Westpoint’s high flying park. A few fortunate fans also got the opportunity to witness this intimate affair. We spoke about his fifth album ‘What I’m Feelin’”, which was released in March, and reunited him with famed producer Mark Batson, and also discussed his latest singles ‘What I’m Feelin’ and ‘Amen’. The entire conversation with Hamilton will be published in Events Curaçao Magazine, Curaçao’s largest tourism publication, so keep your eye out for it.

Thank you’s

When your own people sometimes fail to see your worth or try to diminish your shine, it’s refreshing to have the support of the amazing people like Michelle H. and Eli, who didn’t flinch to make this interview happen. I’m eternally grateful. Secondly, I want to thankJunior Tecla and superwoman cousin Shadiah Elhage, who stepped up to the plate and made things happen. A sincere thank you to Sharon for her patience, Jaanchie for his good food, and Sheila for her vision and relentless trust. You are all warriors and radiate positive vibrations and that keeps me going. A big shout out to Mr. Gregory Elias, for his infallible genius. We will always support your vision and continue to pay it forward.

Finally, I want to thank Anthony Hamilton for his generosity, patience and charm. We have enclosed you and your crew in our hearts and consider you family. Till we meet again….

In the meantime, I will continue to give you teasers of our unforgettable weekend, so check out the Velvet Rope for more updates.


@all pictures taken by Shadiah Elhage

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