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Could something like the Zello App be the unsung Caribbean tech hero during Hurricane season?


I want to take a moment to acknowledge the devastating effects Hurricane Irma has had on the Caribbean islands ofAnguilla, Sint maarten, Antigua and Barbuda, St Kitts and Nevis, St Thomas, Haiti , Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos, Virgin Islands,  and Puerto Rico. So far the images, videos and first hand reports emerging on social media paint a devastating picture for our friends and family.  It’s been pretty clear the damage has been done  and from what  is being reported people are doing their best to  communicate, find loved ones and assess what options there are to make the next steps.

10-4 *Chirp

I, along with many others, were and still are concerned about friends and family in Florida, Sint Maarten, Haiti and other Caribbean nations hit along Irmas’s trail of destruction. In the process was subsequently forwarded a link to download the Zello App from a friend in Miami.
This PTT walkie-talkie style app allows its users to create public forums and channels allowing , in this case, first responders, neighbors and  community leaders to quickly divulge the storm status as well as safety conditions in between chirps. I have since been following the conversations surrounding Hurricane Irma  in st Maarten and in Florida.

On one occasion I heard how those ready for response have been providing safety and hazard preventative instruction, in one case someone was reporting a down and live powerline.
Professionals were able to answer and appease this person and instruct her to safety. What makes it different from other messaging apps is it’s ease of use, one big round button is pressed and your message is sent, furthermore in walkie-talking fashion you hear the broadcast ‘conversations’ in real-time as they come in from different participants within a channel.

I am wondering how much everyone has already making use of this application available free for both android and iPhone to broadcast and  communicate important messages to those at home and still connected to the network. And if so could such communication be an extra tool to mobilize communities in need even between island nations.

So if you’re interested in downloading the app.
So far I see the following channels have been created for various cities in Florida for IRMA, and SXM,

• Hurricane Irma in Miami Florida
• St Maarten Hurricane Irma

Stay strong dear island nations my heart and thoughts are with you.  I am at a loss of words looking at the work needed to rebuild as the days keep going by its hard to see that what is unfolding before our eyes on this beautiful island is the new reality. So I will postpone waxing poetic about positivity and strength if I am not on the ground doing something about it!  But of course we must stay strong.
Please let me know if there is any information we can help share.

We want to hear form you.

Take care dear people.
Love, Steph *Chirp

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