A woman holds a portrait of Helmin Wiels as she takes part in a protest event on May 11, 2013, in Rotterdam, in honor of the late popular leader of Curacao's largest political party who was shot dead on May 5. Approximately 300 people took part in the gathering. Gunmen on May 5 fired at least six shots at Helmin Wiels, 54, as he was having an afternoon drink with friends at a beach about three kilometres (1.6 miles) southeast of Willemstad. Wiels was the leader of Curacao's largest political party, Pueblo Soberano and was an outspoken supporter of full independence for Curacao, an autonomous island which still partly falls under control of the Netherlands. AFP PHOTO / ANP / JERRY LAMPEN ***Netherlands out*** (Photo credit should read JERRY LAMPEN/AFP/Getty Images)
18 Aug 2014

Mindless Zombies Open Doors for Corruption

There is this notion in Curaçao where we believe that we live on a corrupt-free island  paradise. Don’t get me

Elizabeth Francisco 0
10 Aug 2014

Ebola Virus – Are We Being Too Paranoid?

Seriously, how big of a threat is the potential outbreak to us, if any at all or are we being

Izaline Calister on the Sand- Press photo
18 Jun 2014

Izaline Calister Does Her Powerful Voice Still Ring True? 2007 Interview

“…Support means providing information, workshops and lectures so that everyone may have access to all the tools and opportunities I