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Lime Break is a segment on caribflava that holds  impromptu recorded conversations with interesting people any time life calls for a Lime Break.
For our first segment we would like to introduce you to Zero-Waste Blogger Ree from

This impromptu meeting came about when I went to pick up my beautiful salvaged and upholstered lounge chair from Quianah Upton’s ‘Arbitrary Living’ Pop-Up shop on 171 Auburn Avenue in ATL GA.

It didn’t take long for me to ask Ree if we could record this conversation and she agreed.
I learned a lot I may have giggled uncomfortably about Sea Sponge feminine products and reusable pads at first but the more I think about it and look around the house I can definitely see where I can start doing my part towards being less wasteful on a daily basis.
Check out her blog and learn more about why Ree chose the Zero-waste lifestyle and perhaps you will too.

Thank you Ree! I am inspired and I am joining you in the Fort BABY STEPS of course!

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