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It’s time to Make St. Maarten Beautiful again after Hurricane Irma!

The Open Scape Foundation is a non profit- organization established in the Netherlands.
They describe themselves as a dynamic, diverse, non profit organization whom’s mission it is to promote, develop and organize a wide range of activities and events. Moreover, their mission is to provide assistance in the areas of social, cultural and educational development in the Caribbean region.

DUTCH translation:
Stichting Open Scape is een dynamisch | diverse non-profit organisatie met als doel het promoten, ontwikkelen en organiseren van evenementen en activiteiten.  Onze kernmissie is om te helpen bij de sociale, culturele, educatieve en economische ontwikkeling van het Caribisch gebied.”

Carib-Flava currently does not have any information regarding the founders of the foundation so please make sure to donate and continue your good samaritan duties with caution. However we received this message from a very reliable source and looking forward to updating this post with more info.

Here is the message:

A team of Sxmers and Samaritans are working along with “Stichting Open Scape ” and other foundations to get aid to our Sweet Soualiga #SXM Please see link and donate. You also have the option to donate care packages..Please message me or email me  here and I will give you the information needed.

Thank you in advance for your heart and for assisting us to rebuild St. Maarten/Saint Martin??? #SXMStrong?

We would love to continue to get more information from the Open Scape Foundation regarding their plans or any help they may need from the rest of the caribbean communityand Diaspora . We are happy to post pictures of your progress and help spread the word!! Keep up the good work there is so much strength in unity.

#united #creative #caribbean

Please see below link and share..Thank you.?
| Open Scape Foundation
Website: www.open-scape.org

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