Nino Augustine is a Panamanian artist in ATL also known for Beyond the Hype Atlanta.

Blow is the first release and INTRO of the EP titled SOUL HOP with release date late January 2015. The project consist of all live instrumentation by The OPE Band. The song BLOW contains lead vocals by Panama born artist Nino Augustine, and additional vocals by Toni Williams who is also the keyboardist. The track was recorded at the Cottage Studios in Atlanta. It was recorded and mixed by Damon Moon, and mastered by Mahnuee Trejos.

“Will you still be here if we never blow?”

nino augustine  OPE Band

To me this song is symbolic of holding on to an American dream. The love affair with catching lighting in a bottle. In fact, that’s exactly what it sounds like . The vibe is thoughtful, the melody questions, the drums are optimistic with a hint of latin rhythm.  Toni’s voice is pitch perfect in this production. Music was made. This band is putting in the work and winning. This definitely has its place at the top of  my playlist.

(FREE DOWNLOAD on sound cloud)

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