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Interview Location: Zanta Beach Club   (What is venue called now?)
Netherlands Antilles  Circa 2007


Name: Alberto Caicedo-Cuenu
Date of Birth : November 15th 1974
Place of Birth: Guapi, Colombia

Where have you been living the last two years?
Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 1 year in Amsterdam:  I am currently attending the Conservatory in Rotterdam.

Alberto Part I

I did my primary and secondary education,  and 2 years of voice lessons in Cali, Colombia.

When did you start playing music?

I Started Studying music at age 11 by starting to sing in bands, which is where I picked up the acoustic guitar and percussion, learning by playing with friends.

Years Later, Alberto moved to Buen Aventura. Colombia, where he started his professional career singing with a professional band. Here is where he picked up the Bass guitar and continued learning with a private teacher.  3 years later Alberto Moved to the city of Cali, Colombia where he 'finally' started working with professional bands and also the city where he was offered a job as a music teacher at a drug rehabilitation center, for delinquent children. Corporación Juan Bosco.

So you took the job?

When they called me to do this Job. I admit, I was thinking about the money. But when I saw the reality of the young men n this situation my mind changed completely I realized they were just like me. They had nothing. I started to listen more and find solutions by starting to live like them; including going to the city in the middle of the night. I have even experienced being mugged by my own music students… the same students who show up in class the next day as if nothing happened.

What were you up to during this time period? 

I loved the job, but It didn’t always pay. So, I made a living by playing at night. During that time period the different bands I was affiliated with were:

  • Orchésta Evolución ( Cali, Colombia)
  • Orchesta Formula 8 (ocho) (Cali, Colombia)
  • Orchesta Bronco ( Venezuela)
  • As well as Markito Colita I su Grupo.



3 yrs later.

In 1998, Alberto started doing chorus and piano for the group La Bahia,  a group that performed a mix of Salsa and Folklore combined.  His involvement in this musical group eventually led to a trip to Spain and France.  He was one of the only two band members that returned to Colombia from that trip.


Alberto Part 2

In 2004 the opportunity to travel to Hannover, Germany for another concert had come up this time he quit his job at Corporación Juan Bosco.

It was now or never.

Alberto:  Four musicians stayed back in Hannover, with nothing but their instruments and the clothes on their back.  When the bus left us behind, the reality set in.  None of us spoke English, let alone Dutch. Fortunately, we figured out the train station was 300m away.  So we bought a train ticket to Holland.  When we reached the border of Holland in Emmerich Germany, the immigration officer asked for our passports in Spanish…  They picked us up expecting we were smuggling drugs.  Sooooo, they sent us back to Düsseldorf.  We spent our very last pennies on hotel accommodations.

Finally, some friends pick them up and bring them to a Hotel in Holland.  That was the beginning of the musical group 'La Marejada' A Cuban Salsa Band.

Carib-flava: Whew! It has been a long journey. So what have you been up to now?

Alberto: Well now,  Under the production of Gerardo Rosales & (Record Label) Walboumers:  I started to record my own album. Alberto Caicedo ‘La Voz de Colombia’. Which is out now!
(UPDATE! Check out his website for the most recent release 2014!)  www.albertocaicedo.com

Lucas van Meerwijk and The CuBop City Big Band, (that recently performed at the 2006 Bonaire Jazz festival where we met  as well as the Music Festival at Brakkeput Mei Mei Curaçao 2006.)

Rumba Ta Big Band
• Saoco
• Gerardo Rosales I su Trabu Combo
• Gerald Clarinda – La Rhytmika


What message do you have for the Carib-flava community?

Hopefully the People that read this magazine see that beneath each production there is a story and a struggle and that it is a reflection of each artist’s life.  It would be great if people would recognize the importance of supporting musicians, for they tell the story of our lives. Well, at least I do; I, Alberto Caicedo will tell you the story of my life.


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